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UTCMP 2005-2007

by Rachel Barney .

The University of Toronto Colloquium in Mediaeval Philosophy 2005

Friday, September 23

Session I  (4:30-6:30)
Chair: Jennifer Ashworth (University of Waterloo)
Speaker: Scott MacDonald (Cornell University): “Aquinas on Prudence: From Personal Virtue to Natural Law”
Commentator: Thomas Williams (University of Southern Florida)

Saturday, September 24

Session II  (10:00-12:00)
Chair: Robert Pasnau (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Speaker: Richard Cross (Oxford University): “Scotus on Substance and Identity”
Commentator: Timothy Noone (Catholic University of America)

Session III  (2:30-4:30)
Chair: Jack Zupko (Emory University)
Speaker: Claude Panaccio (Université de Québec à Montréal): “Ockham on Conceptual Similitudes”
Commentator: Gyula Klima (Fordham University)


The University of Toronto Colloquium in Mediaeval Philosophy 2006

Friday, September 22

Session I  (4:30-6:30)
Chair:  Stephen Dumont (University of Notre Dame)
Speaker:  Hester Gelber (Stanford University): “The Fate of Providence”
Commentator:  Neil Lewis (Georgetown University)
Saturday, September 23
Session II  (10:00-12:00)
Chair:  Robert Wisnowsky (McGill University)
Speaker:  Peter Adamson (King’s College, London): “The Baghdad Peripatetics on Knowledge of Universals”
Commentator:  Richard Taylor (Marquette University)
Session III  (2:30-4:30)
Chair: Jorge J.E. Gracia (SUNY Buffalo)
Speaker:  Gareth Matthews (University of Massachusetts, Amherst): “On the Very Idea of Infused Virtue”
Commentator:  Eleonore Stump (St. Louis University)

The University of Toronto Colloquium in Mediaeval Philosophy 2007

Friday, September 28

Session I  (4:30-6:30)
Chair:  Peter Eardley (University of Guelph)
Speaker:  Bonnie Kent (University of California, Irvine): “Is Aristotle’s Ethics Circular? A Fourteenth-Century Debate”
Commentator: Jeff Hause (Creighton University)

Saturday, September 29

Session II  (10:00-12:00)Chair:  Jon McGinnis (University of Missouri, St. Louis)
Speaker:  Alfred Ivry (New York University): “The Limits of Knowledge in Medieval Islamic and Jewish Philosophy: Claims and Counter Claims”
Commentator:  Carlos Fraenkel (McGill University)

Session III  (2:30-4:30)
Chair:  Michael Gorman (Catholic University of America)
Speaker:  Brian Leftow (Oriel College, University of Oxford): “Aquinas, Divine Freedom and Divine Simplicity”
Commentator:  Antoine Côté (University of Ottawa)