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ATWAP 2019: Aristotle’s Hylomorphism

by George Boys-Stones .

We are pleased to announce that the eleventh Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy will take place this year on March 22 & 23, 2019, on the theme of “Aristotle’s Hylomorphism”. Our speakers will be David Charles (Yale), Mary Louise Gill (Brown), Emily Katz (MSU), Mary Krizan (UW-La Crosse), Marko Malink (NYU), and Katy Meadows (MIT); with comments by Bryan Reece (Toronto / Center for Hellenic Studies), Doug Campbell (Toronto), Phil Corkum (Alberta), Jacob Rosen (Harvard), Anne Siebels Peterson (Utah), and Susan SauvĂ© Meyer (Penn). For the latest updates, please check the event page here.