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ATWAP: ‘Receiving Plato: Then and Now’

March 18, 2022 - March 19, 2022

The next Annual Toronto Workshop in Ancient Philosophy will take place on March 18-19, 2022.

If, during the conference, you need help with Zoom, etc., please contact Rachel O’Keefe: rachel.mackinnon@mail.utoronto.ca. She will be monitoring Zoom, and the Zoom room belongs to her.


ATWAP 2022

Receiving Plato: Then and Now

A Conference in Honour of Harold Tarrant

March 18-19

University of Toronto

Jackman Humanities Building 100

170 St. George St.


 Friday, March 18th


9.00 A.M.-5.00 P.M.


9.00-10.15 A.M. Danielle A. Layne (Gonzaga University), “A Change of Direction: Reading the Dyad in Plato’s Parmenides (Respondent: Samuel Meister, U. of Toronto). Chair: Lloyd Gerson (U. of Toronto)

10.15-10.45 A.M. Coffee Break

10.45-12.00 P.M. Federico Petrucci (Turin), “Swimming Intellects: On the Philosophical Economy of Timaeus’ Eschatology” (Respondent: Douglas Campbell, U. of Toronto).    Chair: Christian Pfeiffer (U. of Toronto)

12.00-1.00 P.M. Lunch

1.00-2.15 P.M. Jan Opsomer (Leuven), “Xenocrates, Speusippus, and Crantor on the Soul”  (Respondent: Stephen Menn, McGill). Chair: Rachel Barney (U. of Toronto)

2.15-3.30 P.M. Sara Ahbel-Rappe (U. Michigan), “Narrative Elements in Middle Platonic Thought” (Respondent: Ryan Fowler, Franklin and Marshall). Chair: James Allen (U. of      Toronto)

3.30-3.45 P.M. Coffee Break

3.45-5.00 P.M. David Runia (Melbourne), “The Reception of Plato in the Aetian Placita” (Respondent: George Boys-Stones, U. of Toronto). Chair: Debra Nails (Michigan State)



Saturday, March 19th 

9.00 A.M.-5.00 P.M. 


9.00-10.15 A.M. Mauro Bonazzi (Utrecht), “Antiochus and the Sirens: On the Problematic Relation Between Contemplation and Ethics in the Platonist Tradition” (Respondent: André Lanoue, U. of Toronto). Chair: Martin Pickavé (U. of Toronto)

10.15-10.45 A.M  Coffee Break

10.45-12.00 P.M. Albert Joosse (Groningen), “Julian, Cynicism and the Platonic Curriculum” (Respondent: François Renaud, Moncton). Chair: Jessica Gelber (U. of Toronto)

12.00-1.00 P.M. Lunch

1.00-2.00 P.M. Video Tabula Gratulorum

2.00-3.15 P.M. John Finamore (U. of Iowa), “The Divided Line and the Cave in Proclus’ Republic Commentary” (Respondent: Gregory MacIsaac, Carleton). Chair: Georgia Mouroutsou (Western University)

3.15-4.30 P.M. Michael Griffin (UBC), “Inspiring Virtue in Athenian and Alexandrian    Neoplatonism” (Respondent: Sarah Wear, Steubenville). Chair: Lloyd Gerson (U. of Toronto)

4.30-5.15 P.M. Harold Tarrant (Newcastle, NSW), Valedictory

6.00 P.M. Dinner (Duke of York)


March 18, 2022
March 19, 2022