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Christopher Rowe in Toronto as CSAMP Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Christopher Rowe (Professor Emeritus, Durham University) will be with us as Distinguished Visiting Fellow from March 25 to April 5. Look out for further information on opportunities to engage with him and his ongoing research on Plato and Aristotle.

Christopher Rowe masterclass on the Eudemian Ethics (2)

NF113 Northrop Frye Hall, Toronto, Ontario

Christopher Rowe is editor of the forthcoming new OCT of the Eudemian Ethics and author of a volume of accompanying studies due in the summer. Attendance is open and free, but if you would like to go, drop a line to the organizer email (below) for a link to discussion materials.

Proseminar talk: Peter Osorio

Lillian Massey Building, Room 301 125 Queens Park, Toronto, ON

Peter Osorio (Loeb Classical Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Classics) will talk on: "A Roman Plato in Cicero's Cato".

Plato in Roman Philosophy (workshop)

Download poster In the hands of Roman authors, Platonic philosophy is not a set of literal translations of Plato’s dialogues; they are works of interpretation, transformation, and genuine philosophy. Our workshop—Plato in Roman Philosophy—explores the dynamic relationship between the two: how do the conceptual, linguistic, social and institutional paradigms of our Roman authors ‘translate’ Plato […]