Events 2008-2009

Events 2008-2009

Wednesday, September 24
Marko Malink (Humboldt University, Berlin) “A non-extensional notion of conversion in the Organon”; JHB 418, 4-6pm

Friday, September 19 – Saturday, September 20
The University of Toronto Colloquium in Medieval Philosophy

Tuesday, October 14
Phil Mitsis (NYU) “Epicurus, Locke, and the History of the Will”; LI 205, 5-7pm

Thursday, October 16
Phil Mitsis (NYU) “Locke and the Problematic Legacy of Hellenistic Philosophy”; JHB 418, 3-5pm

Friday, November 28
Klaus Corcilius (Humboldt University, Berlin) “Aristotle on Pleasure and Desire”; JHB 418, 3-5pm

Wednesday, December 3
Ludger Honnefelder (University of Bonn) “On the Voluntarism of John Duns Scotus”; JHB 418, 3-5pm

Workshop “Time and Consciousness in Philebus and related texts”

David Bronstein (Oxford/Boston College) “Aristotle on Memory, Self, and Consciousness”
Ursula Coope (Oxford) “Determining One’s Desires for Oneself: Aquinas, Epistrophe and the Will”
Emily Fletcher (Toronto) “Animal Pleasures and the Human Good”
Dorothea Frede (Berkeley) “Puppets on Strings: Moral Psychology in Laws I and II”
Verity Harte (Yale) “Desire and the Soul: Philebus 35cd”
Christoph Helmig (Berlin) “Painter and Scribe in Plato’s Files”
Karel Thein (Prague) “Editing the Book of the Soul: Imagination and Self Awareness at Philebus”