Events 2009-2010

Events 2009-2010

Friday, September 11
Dominic Scott (University of Virginia): “Examples of rhetoric in Plato’s Phaedrus”; LI 205, 3-5pm

Thursday, September 17 – Saturday, September 19
The University of Toronto Colloquium in Medieval Philosophy “‘Things in the Mind’ – A Workshop on Medieval Cognitive Psychology”

Thursday, October 22
Claudio Moreschini (University of Pisa): “Apuleius philosophus Platonicus”; LI 205, 4:30-6pm

Friday, October 23
Claudio Moreschini (University of Pisa): “Hermetism in the Twelfth Century”; Alumni Hall 100, 4-6pm
(O’Donnell Lecture in Medieval Studies; organized by the Centre of Medieval Studies)

Thursday, November 5
John Cooper (Princeton University): “Aristotle and Philosophy as a Way of Life”; JHB 418, 4-6pm

Thursday, November 6
John Cooper (Princeton University): “The Stoic Way of Life”; Centre for Ethics, room 200, 3-5pm

Monday, November 9
George Rudebusch (Northern Arizona University): “Shooting in the dark: Socrates on the guilt of non-philosophers”; LI 301, 4-6pm

Wednesday, January 13
Sylvia Berryman (University of British Columbia): “How Many Philosophers Does it Take to Haul a Ship? Thoughts on the Philosophical Reception of Ancient Greek Mechanics”; VC 323, 4-6pm
(Jointly organized by the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology and CPAMP)

Monday, March 9
Francesco Fronterotta (Università del Salento, Lecce): “Do the gods play dice? Sensible sequentialism and fuzzy logic in Plato’s Timaeus”; LI 301, 4-6pm

Thursday, March 11
Timothy Noone (Catholic University of America): “Of Angels and Men: sketches from high medieval epistemology”; Alumni Hall 400, 4-6pm
(Etienne Gilson Lecture; organized by the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies)

Friday, March 12
Timothy Noone (Catholic University of America): “Editing Scotus: Problems and Prospects”; LI 301, 4-6pm

Friday, March 26 – Sunday, March 28
The Toronto Annual Workshop in Ancient Philosophy “Perceiving ourselves (and one another) perceiving”