New Publication: Aristotle – Eudemian Ethics

9780521121422Congratulations to our colleague Brad Inwood who just published (together with Raphael Woolf) a new translation of Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics!
Here’s an excerpt from the cover: “Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics has been unjustly neglected in comparison with its more famous counterpart the Nicomachean Ethics. This is in large part due to the fact that until recently no complete translation of the work has been available. But the Eudemian Ethics is a masterpiece in its own right, offering valuable insights into Aristotle’s ideas on virtue, happiness and the good life. This volume offers a translation by Brad Inwood and Raphael Woolf that is both fluent and exact, and an introduction in which they help the reader to gain a deeper understanding both of the Eudemian Ethics and of its relation to the Nicomachean Ethics and to Aristotle’s ethical thought as a whole.”
For more information check the publisher’s website.