UTCMP 2009

The University of Toronto Colloquium in Mediaeval Philosophy 2009

“Things in the Mind” – A Workshop on Medieval Cognitive Psychology

Thursday, September 17

Session I  (3:00-6:30)
Chair: Peter Eardley (University of Guelph)
Giorgio Pini (Fordham University): “The Object of the Intellect”
Commentator: Aurélien Robert (CNRS, Tours)
Russ Friedman (Leuven University): “The Cognition of Singulars and Natures”

Friday, September 18

Session II  (9:00-12:15)
Chair: Carl Still (St. Thomas More College)
Martin Pickavé (University of Toronto): “Innate Knowledge”
Timothy Noone (Catholic University of America, Washington DC): “The Agent Intellect, Abstraction, and Illumination”
Commentator: Deborah Black (University of Toronto)

Session III  (3:00-7:00)
Chair: Deborah Black
Jenny Pelletier (Leuven University): “Vacillating between equivocity and univocity: William of Ockham’s concept of being and the categories”
Brendan Palla (Fordham University): “Some Late-Medieval Problems for Aquinas’s Account of the Will”
Mélanie Turcotte (Université du Québec à Montréal): “Sign Cognition in Aquinas’s Theory of Teaching”
Adam Wood (Fordham University): “Aquinas’s Arguments for the Soul’s Subsistence”
Peter Hartman (University of Toronto): “Durand of St.-Pourçain on the Cause of a Cognitive Act”

Saturday, September 19

Session IV  (9-12:30)
Chair: Antoine Côté (University of Ottawa)
Claude Panaccio (Université du Québec à Montréal): “Mental Language”
Commentator: Peter King (University of Toronto)
Laurent Cesalli (Université de Genève): “The Objects of Knowledge and Belief”
Commentator: Susan Brower-Toland (St. Louis University)

Session V  (2:30-4:00)
Chair: Nadja Germann (Loyola College)
Henrik Lagerlund (University of Western Ontario): “Error, Cognitive Failure, and the Process of Reasoning”
Commentator: Simona Vucu (University of Toronto)